Feb 2014

Falling Out of Love with your Home?

By admin

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone and I spent part of it simply remembering when I first fell in love with my spouse.  And since we were curled up on the sofa in our cozy parlor, I then started remembering when we first fell in love with this house.  Why, we loved this house so much that we were even married in it.  But as anyone married a long time will tell you, love goes through cycles, waxing and waning, climbing and descending, changing and evolving.  So what do you do when you are no longer loving your house?

First, go back to when you first bought your home.  Remember how you used the services of a reputable Pennsylvania title insurance company like World Wide Land Transfer?  And how the title insurance company made certain each step of the process – from title search to settlement to the filing of the deed of ownership to the issuance of your owner’s title insurance policy – went smoothly? Handed you the keys to your new castle, you swooped in, found places for your stuff, maybe decorated to your liking, met the neighbors, bought a lawnmower and began the love affair with your home.

Now? The locks stick, there’s too much stuff, that 1970’s décor is looking tacky, the neighbors bought a big dog and a bigger motorcycle, and your lawn has so many bald spots that a lawnmower seems redundant.

Recapture the love! Simple changes, tackled one at a time so as not to overwhelm or overextend your finances will do a world of good for your outlook and your feelings towards your home.  $100 will buy enough paint and supplies to change the color and mood of a room.  Watch for sales on area rugs and change the balance of another room while covering up the years of stains on the wall-to-wall carpet.  Why it can be expensive to replace all the floors!  $20 for interesting new faceplates for outlets and switch covers or new door knobs and cabinet hardware.  Thrift stores are a great place to find mirrors or inexpensive wall art.  You don’t need to necessarily buy new furniture when perhaps just rearranging what you have sets a new tone for a room.  Changing from heavy drapery to lighter curtains will brighten a room and your mood.  You get the idea.

The relationship you have with your home is like any other relationship – it takes effort to keep it from getting stale and disappointing.  You made a commitment back when you purchased with the help of a title insurance company.  But unfortunately title insurance just can’t insure that you’ll always love the home the way it is.  That’s up to you.  And if the big dog and bigger motorcycle prove too daunting, then rely on our experienced title insurance staff to guide you through the purchase of your next house.  Next to a cat.  And a bicycle.

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