Commercial Title Insurance Services

The current real estate environment has made the commercial title insurance marketplace more complex than ever. To guarantee smooth delivery from the opening to the closing of a transaction, you need the financial strength, knowledge, and specialized support of a devoted team operating cohesively and efficiently at all times. As a commercial real estate title insurance agency since 2005, World Wide Land Transfer has the experience and knowledge it takes to find all potential defects on your title so you can execute your transaction smoothly.

Commercial Properties Require Comprehensive Solutions

World Wide Land Transfer, Inc., has extensive knowledge related to insuring high-liability commercial transactions, underwriting, settlement, and national multi-site transactions. Due to our skilled and dedicated team of experienced professionals, you and your customers can rest assured that your commercial transactions will successfully close on time and with the utmost professionalism.

Whether the transaction involves a residential subdivision, commercial development, industrial project, or government project work, turn to World Wide Land Transfer for dependable commercial title and escrow services for even the most complex transactions.

Notable Transactions

What Does Commercial Title Insurance Cover?

In terms of coverage, commercial title insurance works in very much the same way as it does for residential properties. Title insurance for commercial real estate covers all the same title defects as a residential policy, including:

  • Unpaid Taxes
  • Unknown Title Defects
  • Active Mortgages
  • Title Fraud
  • And More

Title insurance for commercial real estate differs in some ways depending on the geographic location during the title search process. Residential titles are often listed by address, whereas commercial titles are listed by name. Often commercial properties have several parcels that have been combined or consolidated. This makes the title search process much more difficult because agents must be more thorough. If a company was inconsistent in its naming conventions, or it altered those conventions over time, an agent could easily miss certain title defects that were listed under a different name. There are also so many more documents to sort through with a commercial real estate transaction than with a residential transaction. Finding the most experienced commercial real estate title insurance agency you can find is imperative to a successful transaction. That is why you need World Wide Land Transfer. At World Wide Land Transfer we house our examination department which is dramatically different than other agencies. Many title companies outsource this work to their respective underwriters.

When you need a commercial real estate title company you can always count on to go the extra mile, you can trust World Wide Land Transfer. The types of defects, exceptions or potential issues with a commercial lot are different than what a buyer would be looking for with a residential acquisition. Our experience and dedication mean we will always go the extra mile in pointing out potential conflicts, defects, or other possible land issues that you may encounter through out your entitlements. Often commercial title insurance companies miss the mark here, we suggest you speak to WWLT!

Who Typically Pays for Commercial Title Insurance?

In a commercial real estate transaction, the buyer is usually responsible for paying the premium, but this is not always the case. Laws regarding commercial real estate vary from state to state, so be sure to speak to a title insurance agency about the requirements in your state. As a buyer, you may also be able to negotiate with the seller to cover some or all of the cost of a title policy. Again, a title company can tell you more about coverage options to give you all the information you need to negotiate effectively.

Speak to a Title Insurance Expert Today to Learn More!

If you are engaging in any type of commercial real estate transaction, you need to speak with the team at World Wide Land Transfer today. As an experienced and reliable title insurance agency, we can give you valuable insights into your transaction. When you are buying a property like an office building or warehouse, there could potentially be millions of dollars involved. When you are making that kind of real estate investment, you need to protect it with commercial title insurance, and you need a commercial real estate title company you can trust. Your lender, real estate agent, or attorney may recommend a commercial real estate title company, but you should understand that there could be a conflict of interest there. If you want a truly neutral third party title insurance agency handling your title insurance, choose World Wide Land Transfer. We can handle your title insurance for commercial real estate, and we also offer lenders’ title insurance to ensure you are always covered.


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