Title & Escrow Services

There is a lot more to what Title/Escrow Companies do than issue title insurance policies. The chain of title history for your property is searched, an examination is made, a title binder is prepared, and then remaining title issues are resolved before the closing.


Our professional staff ensures your title order is received and processed in a timely fashion, and that all closing-related communications between interested parties are conducted and managed professionally.

We work closely with the other real estate professionals involved in your transaction. Our proactive concern and calculated focus touching on every detail of every transaction will turn your most complex and challenging file into a successful and positive experience.

Experienced Escrow Company

World Wide Land Transfer delivers professional escrow services for a wide variety of purchase business, financing files, commercial settlements and other transactions. As a neutral 3rd party, World Wide’s Escrow Department carries out the instructions in a purchase agreement between the buyer and seller or the lender’s closing instructions in a refinance with tremendous responsiveness and attention to detail. We also handle all of the disbursements associated with a closing.

Our customers have come to rely upon the friendly service offered by our Escrow Division made up of knowledgeable escrow officers who work diligently to ensure that all parties involved in the transaction comply with the terms and conditions of the contract in an efficient and timely manner. Experience with all types of real estate transactions enables our Escrow team to deliver consistent communication to every party, all while adhering to the strictest of lender instructions.

We provide the following title insurance and escrow services:

  • Work personally with all parties in a transaction
  • Receive your order for escrow and title services
  • Order the preliminary searches on subject property; examination of searches and preparation of Title Report
  • Review the survey and other documents, if needed
  • Coordinate Inspections
  • Inspection Coordination
  • Meticulously review all pre-closing matters
  • Prepare escrow instructions and required documents
  • Order demands on existing mortgages, deeds of trust and liens or judgments,if any
  • Gather all closing cost information
  • Prepare all closing documents
  • Conduct the closing
  • Coordinate with any applicable 3rd party qualified intermediary
  • Collect and disburse all monies
  • Complete all post-closing detail
  • Issue title insurance policy/policies


Why you need title insurance


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