Title & Escrow Services

There is a lot more to what Title/Escrow companies do than just issue title insurance policies. At World Wide Land Transfer, our title and escrow services include much more than that. First, we search the chain of title history for your property, prepare an examination, produce a title binder, and then we resolve any remaining title issues before closing. If you need a title company for holding escrow funds, we can provide those services as well. As an escrow and title company since 2005, we have the experience and knowledge to resolve title issues and have over 25 Escrow Officers who abide by their fiduciary duties in holding funds as their profession. We as a title and escrow company company make sure that everything is done to guarantee that your real estate transaction will go smoothly.

Title Insurance

Our professional staff ensures your title order is received and processed in a timely fashion. We will also handle all closing-related communications between interested parties conducted and managed professionally. We work closely with the other real estate professionals involved in your transaction. The proactive concern and calculated focus we show regarding every detail of every transaction will turn your most complex and challenging file into a successful and positive experience. Simply put, we offer a level of customer service that other title and escrow companies can’t provide.

Experienced Escrow Company

Although we are known for being a title company, World Wide Land Transfer delivers professional escrow services for a wide variety of purchase businesses, financing files, commercial settlements, and other transactions. As a truly neutral third party, our escrow department carries out all instructions in a purchase agreement between the buyer and seller, as well as the seller or lender’s closing instructions in a refinance with tremendous responsiveness and attention to detail. In addition, we will handle the disbursements associated with closing.

Over our two decades as an escrow and title company, our customers have come to rely upon the friendly service offered by our escrow division. Each one of our escrow officers is knowledgeable and will work diligently to ensure that all parties involved in a transaction comply with the terms and conditions of the contract in a timely and efficient manner. The years of experience possessed by our escrow team means each party involved will receive consistent communication and will adhere to the strictest of lender instructions, no matter what type of real estate transaction it may be.

We provide the following title insurance and escrow services:

  • Work personally with all parties in a transaction
  • Receive your order for escrow and title services
  • Order the preliminary searches on the property in question
  • Examine title searches and prepare a title report
  • Review the survey and other documents, if necessary
  • Coordinate inspections
  • Meticulously review all pre-closing matters
  • Prepare escrow instructions and required documents
  • Order demands on existing mortgages, deeds of trust, and liens or judgments, if any exist
  • Gather all closing cost information
  • Prepare all closing documents
  • Conduct the closing
  • Coordinate with any applicable third-party qualified intermediary
  • Collect and disburse all monies
  • Complete all post-closing detail
  • Issues title insurance policy or policies

Why you need title insurance

How Does the Escrow Process Work?

In simple terms, money or assets in escrow are being held by a third party until specific conditions are met. During a real estate transaction, World Wide Land Transfer could be the company holding escrow funds to be disbursed on closing day or at another time. For example, money can be set aside to cover paperwork, distributing funds, and paying certain fees. In addition to acting as your title company, we will also be happy to provide these services.

Money can also be held in a third-party account after closing day to cover property taxes, insurance, and other expenses. While this is your money, it is collected in advance to ensure it is used for a specific purpose.

We Provide Escrow Solutions for Property Owners, Real Estate Brokers, & Homebuyers

At World Wide Land Transfer, we provide title insurance and escrow services to all types of clients. Whether you are a lender, a real estate broker, a homebuyer, or you want to sell a property, we can assist you with a range of services to ensure your transaction is trouble-free. As an unbiased third-party escrow and title company, we can give you a neutral perspective that the escrow companies chosen by your lender or real estate agent simply can’t. It is your right to choose your title and escrow company, and when you exercise that right, you can be sure there won’t be any conflicts of interest during your transaction. As a lender or real estate broker, these transactions are your livelihood. As a homebuyer or seller, your property holds a special meaning for you. In any case, you want the title company holding your escrow funds to be reliable, efficient, and there for you when you need assistance. World Wide Land Transfer is that title and escrow company. Get in touch with our team for any title and escrow services you may need.

We Will Make Sure That All Stipulations & Requirements of the Agreement are Followed

During a real estate transaction, you want to ensure all requirements are being followed to the letter. Failing to do so can cause issues on closing day. As an experienced title and escrow company, we will always go the extra mile to ensure all parties involved are fulfilling their requirements. We know you have many escrow companies to choose from, so why not choose the one that is trusted by real estate professionals, lenders, buyers, and sellers alike? You wouldn’t want to place the fate of your transaction in the hands of just any escrow and title company; that’s why you should choose World Wide Land Transfer. Our escrow officers have successfully closed thousands of transactions, so you know you can count on the services we provide.

When you allow us to handle your title insurance and escrow needs, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are in good hands. Get in touch with us today for escrow services in New York or anywhere else around the country.

Speak to an Escrow Service Professional Today!

Many different steps need to be taken before closing day, and when you choose the right escrow and title company, you will be able to rest easy knowing that everything has been accounted for. Over our time as a title insurance and escrow company, World Wide Land Transfer has developed a reputation for being reliable, efficient, and helpful. Call us today if you are looking for escrow companies in Baltimore, MD, or anywhere else nationwide.


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