Jul 2019
Our Own Marc Shaw Pens Foreword for First Ever National Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual

Marc Shaw, Founder and President of World Wide Land Transfer, Inc., has contributed the foreword to The Ultimate Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual: Your Guide to Laws and Customs in all 51 Jurisdictions

The book was published by NYC management consultancy System 2 Thinking and is the first national real estate transaction compliance manual. 

Readers will find up-to-date, jurisdiction-specific citations and references to the laws and customs regarding:

  • Title Searches and Examination of the Land Title Records
  • Ownership – Vesting and its Idiosyncrasies
  • Death and its Effect on the Transaction
  • Statute of Limitations
  • Mortgages, Liens & Foreclosure
  • Real Estate Closings
  • Recordation into the Public Records
  • Property Taxes

Learn more about The Ultimate Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual here: https://www.thetitlereport.com/Articles/Nationwide-real-estate-compliance-manual-published-76617.aspx

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