Jan 2016
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New York Expands eRecording to Two New Counties

By admin

New York Expands eRecording to Two New Counties

We are happy to report that both Broome and Monroe are the latest New York counties to offer eRecording—also known as digital recording. New York now has 29 eRecording jurisdictions, including New York City and its surrounding boroughs. eRecording is a service that allows attorneys, banks, and lien filers to upload and submit documents directly to the county online.

eRecording significantly reduces turnaround time as well as the amount of paper that needs to be processed and returned. In just minutes, eFiled documents can be reviewed, stamped, recorded, and sent back to the submitter over the web.

Broome County Clerk Richard R. Blythe said that his office would be accepting a variety of documents for eRecording, including deeds, mortgages, and assignments as well as eFiled civil actions through the New York state court system.

As a full-service New York Title Insurance agency, World Wide Land Transfer handles the recordation of all of your closing documents, whether your county is offering eRecording or not. Always good to see more counties join us in the digital era.  It is great for our client and even better and more convenient for the title insurance company.  As mentioned in previous blogs e-recording is an essential prong to Best Practices that allows the title company to become much more efficient.

NY Title Insurance, Settlement, and Escrow from World Wide Land Transfer

World Wide Land Transfer is a New York Title Insurance company that provides comprehensive Escrow and Settlement services as well as recording in most counties throughout the nation. If you have any questions, please call our offices or contact us at info@worldwidelandtransfer.com.

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