May 2022
Somerset County Cyberattack

Somerset County Cyberattack

By admin

Somerset County officials have notified the public that its computer systems suffered a cybersecurity breach on May 24, 2022. In connection therewith, access to the Somerset County Clerk’s land records and the Somerset County Surrogate’s records are presently unavailable for searching and recording.


If the Title Commitment was previously issued and the transaction is now closing, if the date of the commitment is less than 60 days old, we are able to insure the transaction with a specific gap affidavit. 

If the date of the commitment is more than 60 days old, we will only be able to authorize insurance of the transaction on a case by case basis with the underwriter’s permission often including exceptions such as:

Company assumes no liability for matters affecting title that would have been disclosed by an accurate search of the Somerset County Clerk’s and Surrogate’s records subsequent to the effective date of the Title Commitment.

Buyer and lender must consent in writing to the inclusion of the aforementioned policy exception. If they fail to do so, the transaction cannot close.

Additional Notes:

ALTA 33-06 (NJ Variation) Endorsement has been requested

The endorsement cannot be issued until such time as a county rundown search is received.

This is a changing situation, and you should expect to receive additional Alerts as the impact of this cybersecurity breach unfolds.

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