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When you buy a home in Baytown, TX, you want your ownership experience to be rewarding and trouble-free. A previously undiscovered title defect could change that in an instant. An unknown lien could cost you thousands of dollars; an access issue could prevent you from using your property the way you want to. A previously unknown heir could even challenge your ownership rights in court. Any one of these issues could cost you time and money or could result in you losing your home.

If you’re concerned about title defects, having a strong title insurance policy in place will reduce your liability and protect your investment. For a relatively small one-time premium, you could be protected from a range of title defects, and your coverage lasts the entire time you own your home. As a leader in the title industry for more than two decades, World Wide Land Transfer can assist you with your next real estate transaction, whether you are a buyer, a seller, or a lender. Get in touch with our team to find out more about title insurance in San Antonio, TX, and other Lonestar State communities.

Our Escrow Services in Baytown, TX

When you are involved in a real estate transaction, money must often be held in escrow to take care of closing costs, property taxes, and more. You want the company you work with to be trustworthy. When you use World Wide Land Transfer as your escrow company in Baytown, TX, you get the assurance that comes from working with a trusted partner. We have facilitated countless transactions, including residential and commercial properties, so you know you can count on us to make payments on time so you don’t run into any issues.

Secure Your Investment with Our Reliable Title Insurance Solutions

Homeownership is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so it makes sense to protect yourself from the liability associated with title defects. Your coverage can compensate you for court costs, processing fees, and the other expenses it will take to resolve a title defect, and your title policy will remain in effect as long as you own your home. You can even pass it down to any heirs who inherit your home, potentially providing decades of coverage for a single premium.

If you need to make a claim, the team at World Wide Land Transfer will make it simple for you. We are a full-service title insurance company serving Baytown, TX, and that means we are always ready to go to work for you when you need us. Just call to make your claim and we will get started on the process immediately.

Of course, homeowners aren’t the only ones who need to be protected from the liability associated with title defects. If you are a lender providing financing for a real estate transaction, World Wide Land Transfer would like to speak with you! We have worked with commercial and residential lenders, and because lenders usually pass the cost of the policy premium on to their borrowers, getting covered is a no-brainer. Call us today to insure any property you are providing financing for and we will help you get the assurance that comes from knowing you will be protected from any undiscovered title defects.

Get Started with Us Today!

title insurance company baytown tx

If you are a buyer, seller, or lender in Baytown, TX, get in touch with us today to find out more about getting covered for residential and commercial real estate title defects. Our team can help you find title insurance in Athens, TX, or anywhere nearby, and we also provide other services to help make all your transactions go more smoothly.

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