Title Insurance Company in Katy, TX


Are you a homebuyer, seller, or lender in Katy, TX? World Wide Land Transfer offers a range of services to help you protect your real estate investment! As a full-service title company, we can assist you with title searches, escrow services, and finding a title insurance policy that will prevent financial losses due to title defects.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about title insurance in Austin, TX, or anywhere else in the Lonestar State.

We Do Commercial Title Transfers in Katy, TX

title insurance company in katy txThe team at World Wide Land Transfer can help you with any type of real estate transaction, whether residential or commercial. Are you buying or selling a commercial property? Let our experienced team handle the transfer and anything else you need to make your ownership transfer go smoothly. With over two decades in business, we can give you the assurance that comes from dealing with a title company that has experience with any real estate transaction you can imagine.



Protect Your Property Purchase with a Title Insurance Policy

Millions of Americans dream of home ownership, but many do not know about the potential liability that comes with owning a home. If a title defect is discovered, you could be responsible for paying off a tax lien or other expense, even if it originated years before you purchased the property. Without a title policy in place, you could be stuck paying legal fees related to resolving title defects. You could even lose your home if another party comes forward with a legitimate claim of ownership! For a relatively small one-time premium, you can be protected from a range of title defects, making it a great way to protect one of your life’s most important investments.

If you ever need to make a claim, our friendly agents will be waiting to take your call. We are dedicated to making your home ownership experience trouble-free, so please reach out to us to find out more about your title coverage options in Katy, TX.

Of course, homeowners aren’t the only ones who take on liability in a real estate transaction. Lenders must also protect their interest in providing financing to real estate buyers. When you are financing a real estate purchase, you want to work with a reliable title company that gives you the assurance that they will be there when you need them. That’s why you should choose World Wide Land Transfer to provide your title coverage in Katy, TX

We Offer Third Party Escrow Services

In addition to acting as your title coverage agent, we also provide escrow services. Do you need money held in escrow to pay property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, or a title insurance premium in Katy, TX? Trust is essential in these types of relationships, and at World Wide Land Transfer, we have spent years building trust with lenders and real estate professionals, as well as homebuyers and sellers.

Get in Contact with Us Today!

Your title premium will be well worth the cost if you ever run into a previously undiscovered title defect. Don’t take on an unnecessary liability by going without insurance, whether you are buying, selling, or financing a loan. Get in touch with World Wide Land Transfer for your next real estate transaction and you can have the assurance that you will be covered for title defects now and in the future. Call us today to find title insurance in Houston, TX, and other communities across the state.

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