World Wide Land Transfer Halloween Competition 2015

View highlights from the 2015 Annual Halloween Competition below!


The 2nd Annual World Wide Land Transfer Halloween Office Competition was a hit.  We hope you enjoy this peek into office culture here at WWLT.




Marc-“Austin Powers”; Jon-“Dr. Evil”; Chuck-“Mini Me”; Ron-“Fat Bastard” ;Kim & Jess- “Fook Yu & Fook Mi” ;Doris- “Foxy Cleopatra”; Tonee- “Goldmember”;Wendy- “Frau Farbissina”; Ken- “Number 2″; Sarina- “Mustafa; Drew- “Random Task”; Kelly- “Ivana Humpalot”; Danna & Ang- “Groovy Girls”; Nikki- Vanessa Kensington; Mr. Biggelsworth- “Mr. Biggelsworth”






Thank you to all who voted in our 2015 Competition!  The turnout to vote was amazing!  Wish there was such a turnout for normal governmental elections.

The PA office won the competition for the 2nd year in a row with 701 votes (%55.50), while the NY office received 562 votes (44.49%).  Both offices had a fun time with the competition and it shows with the creativity in the pictures above.  Everyone looks forward to trying to top 2015 next October.  Happy Halloween everyone!


View 2014 Halloween Competition

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