Feb 2014

Your Front Door is Talking. You Might Want to Listen.

By admin

I take a hiatus from Title Insurance talk for the day. A little fun if you will.

Unless you have a moat surrounding your house or turrets up top, chances are the first thing someone will notice about your home is the front door. And the color you’ve painted that door may be saying more than you realize. You might want it to shout “welcome” to the girl scout with cookies, but “get lost” to a bill collector. Planning on selling? Rational or not,
the color of that door may be an instant turn-off to potential buyers who’ll drive on by. So what is that color saying about you?

Probably the most common color for a front door is white. A simple, non-intrusive, no bells and whistles color. Pure and serene like freshly-fallen snow. Some would say boring and bland. But the message it’s conveying is that you are not showy and prefer to blend in and not make waves. Opposite of white is a door painted black. Not to be mistaken with the Rolling Stones’ desire to paint all red doors black, however. Psychologically-speaking a black door conveys strength and authority and is telling the world that someone of stature lives there.

Red is the color of romance, passion and perhaps a bit naughty. Yellow is sunny and open and warm. Green reminds us of grass and nature and good health or wealth. Blue is cool like the air and calm like the waters. Brown sends mixed signals depending upon the shade. A lighter brown may indicate warmth and stability while a darker brown might be saying ‘stay away’. And orange, pink, purple or any other non-traditional color is making an obvious statement that the people who live there play by their own rules and aren’t afraid to stand out.

So now I’m out driving around looking for a house to buy. Based upon your door, I might think the following: White? I bet the inside of that house is laid out in a traditional way, neutral colors on the walls, average, dependable fixtures and appliances. Black? Granite countertops, large rooms, stainless steel appliances, leather furniture. Red? Splashes of color everywhere, including the appliances. Lace, latticework and an abundance of framed photographs of loved ones. Possible claw-foot tub in the bathroom.

Hmmm, let’s continue our color tour. Yellow? Floral wallpaper, white carpets, bleached floorboards. Minimal window coverings to allow maximum sunshine. Green? Earthy-toned carpets, dark wood floors, wood trims all stained or painted natural browns. Blue? Depends. If light blue, then walls painted in pastel shades, light-colored carpets, white appliances. Dark blue doors lead to carpeting of primary colors, wood floors and stainless steel appliances. Brown? Can’t figure out what it wants to be so anything goes.

As to what lies behind a door painted orange or pink or purple? As a white-painted-door girl married to a vanilla husband living in our traditional home with neutral colors, I couldn’t hazard a guess. Actually I think I’m afraid to even consider what’s inside. But I bet those people are having a lot more fun than I am!

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