Apr 2018

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s…Deal Savers!

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Lurking in the shadows of real estate is the enemy of every loan officer, real estate agent, buyer and seller: Captain Complication.

He shows up at the worst time, like a monsoon at an outdoor wedding, doing his best to derail your finely coordinated deals. He makes off with business, leaving dissatisfied customers and evaporating business in his wake. The only thing standing between your deal and Captain Complication?

The Deal Savers from World Wide Land Transfer!

We know Captain Complication well, and we know his weakness. It’s a combination of real-world experience, persistence, and teamwork. Our people have all those characteristics in abundance as you’ll see in the stories below — a few adventures where we sent Captain Complication packing. KAPOW!

The Canadian Connection

The seller’s agent asked for a deed package for his client who was out of the country. Our agent prepared it and sent it to the seller to have it executed at the US Embassy in Canada. Problems arose immediately. The sellers were not US Citizens (which no one knew) and therefore they could not execute documents at our embassy, nor could we use an Apostille. Our agent was able to resolve this issue by properly researching what needed to be done in order to effectuate closing. The necessary guidelines for a transaction like this are a bit out of the ordinary and it takes a team. After contacting the Notarial and Authentication Services of Canada to confirm the process and location where the sellers could have the proper Authentication and Certification done, we were on our way! There was considerable resistance by the sellers; the process required some work, time and money—plus, to make things even harder, the husband and wife were on opposite sides of Canada! However, with careful instructions and follow up, our closing concierge managed to obtain what was needed to successfully close the deal and record the new deed.

The Surprise Office Party

This past holiday season one of our closers had a purchase closing on a Friday at 4:30 PM, per the buyer’s, seller’s and lender’s request. However, when our closer sent the funding docs to the lender for funding authorization, they received no response. Without notice to WWLT or anyone else, the office had closed down early for a holiday party. Someone there had forgotten about the closing and funding requirements! Finally, after many, many phone calls and extremely upset buyers, our agent was able to track down the bank manager to obtain authorization to fund by 7:30 PM. By staying the course and doing whatever was necessary to allow the closer to hand over the seller’s proceeds, the deal was rescued and we ensured that the buyer could move into their new home for the long holiday weekend. This instead of the buyers having to wait until Tuesday, cancel moving trucks and contractors, and deal with all sorts of other delays and headaches.

The ‘Routine’ Refinance

Recently, one of our agents was involved in a routine refinance transaction — routine except for the fact that the prior title company had mistakenly put the deed into the name of an LLC, and the lender required the deed to be in an individual’s name. Our agent sprung into action, contacting the prior owners to get a new deed signed. They then went to the recorder of deeds office with the prior agreement of sale and deed to show that the deed was put into the LLC’s name erroneously. Our agent got the deed recorded (exempt from transfer tax) and the refinance closed that afternoon.

The Bombastic Buyer In Need of Some Sugar

On a recent purchase transaction both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent had an extremely poor relationship with the buyer and the buyer’s father. The lender also had multiple feisty exchanges with the buyer. We made it our mission to make the buyer and her father see us as a trusted 3rd party agent! No one wanted to attend the closing, and the situation was becoming increasingly difficult to manage with phone calls from everyone involved. Our agent was able to save the deal by providing the seller and her agent with the documents to sign separately, outside of closing, and by reviewing and explaining the CD line by line with the buyer and her father. The lesson? When things get difficult and tensions rise, sometimes all that is needed to accomplish a successful closing is walking a buyer through the process, holding their hand and providing assurances. Sugar is sweet; pour it on.

Who You Gonna Call?

World Wide Land Transfer is a service-oriented title insurance company that is trusted to close everything from complex multimillion-dollar commercial transactions to reverse mortgage transactions from our offices in New York and Philadelphia.

We pride ourselves on knowing the quickest, best ways to overcome minor inconveniences before they become major delays. We work as a team by default. Nobody here will ever leave work undone because “it isn’t their job.” We pick up slack for one another and always work together for the greater good of our clients and our company.

We go above and beyond every time to close the deal with no thought or desire to be a hero. It’s just what we do. So never fear: When Captain Complication arrives, the WWLT team will show him the door! Contact us today to get started.

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