Feb 2019
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News Flash – Lower Rates…But Unfortunately No Fun!!!

By admin

Our service hasn’t changed. Our staff hasn’t changed. World Wide Land Transfer is still one of the top NY title insurance companies.

But unfortunately (for us) our premiums are now lower thanks to the New York Appellate Court ruling in favor of NY Department of Financial Services’ Regulation 208, Title Insurance Rates, Expenses and Charges, which delivers a uniform 5% rate reduction for all title policies (owner’s and loan) issued on or after February 15, 2019.

That’s good news for you and your clients because you both get the same great service and experience on your side, and all for less money!

More bad news for us? We will not be able to entertain you in any way for the foreseeable future.

In January, New York’s Appellate Division upheld the NY Department of Financial Services anti-inducement statute, which bans NY title insurance companies from making “unscrupulous exchanges” with real estate professionals for business. The majority of our clientele have always valued our white glove service, but just in case you were looking for some entertainment, this is now history.

So if you want…

  • Super Bowl tickets;
  • A new car;
  • This Jaws-themed bath bomb; or
  • Anything else besides excellent title service

We regret to inform you that we can not provide it for you.

What we can provide

Is excellent work product and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you buy priligy 60 mg online are working with a highly experienced, service oriented NY title insurance company — and all for 5 percent reduction in rates!

We have extensive experience closing complex multimillion-dollar commercial transactions and all forms of residential transactions in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and over a dozen other states.

Our clients and our business are protected by a company that is certified to be compliant with all ALTA Best Practices and carries significant E&O policies, as well as coverages for cyber liability, social engineering and commercial crime.

We look forward to bringing our unmatched real estate expertise — and nothing more — to your next transaction!

To get in contact with WWLT or to learn more about our services, please visit our homepage today.

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