Jan 2015

Nassau County Department of Assessment Certification Page

By admin

Nassau County New YorkPlease be advised that Nassau County legislature passed a Local Law amending the Nassau County Administrative Code.  The law requires that all persons presenting an instrument to the County Clerk for recording of deeds, mortgages or satisfactions, or any modifications or consolidations of the foregoing will need to obtain a verification of the tax map from the Nassau County Assessor’s office. As a New York Title Insurance agency we are responsible for the recordation of all documents from your closing, so we will take the burden of obtaining the certification prior to submitting the documents for recording.

Instruments presented without the Department of Assessment certification page cannot be accepted for recording.

The following instruments DO NOT need the Tax map verification letter (TMVL): Power of Attorney, Release of state tax lien, Building loan agreements, Abandonment, Map filings, UCC.

As of March 1, 2015, a fee of $75 per tax map verification letter will be charged. There is a grace period to March 1 FOR THE FEE.

A tax map verification letter is required for every instrument presented to be recorded, effective immediately.

The tax map verification letter can be obtained from the Department of Assessment.

If the parcel consists of multiple lots, enter the lead lot to get one TMVL and as of March 1 pay one fee.

If you need any assistance regarding the above feel free to call our offices and ask for advice prior to submitting documents directly to us.   We look forward to serving all of your New York title insurance needs!


Notice thanks to The New York State Land Title Association which is the statewide voice for the New York Title Insurance Industry.

NYSLTA offers membership to title insurance companies licensed in New York State, abstract companies, title insurance agents, law firms, individual attorneys, surveyors, and others actively engaged in real estate.

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