Jul 2014

Pennsylvania Recording Fees

By admin

Recent Act passed in Harrisburg will increase the recording fees across the state.   Within the budget law Act 126 (HB 278) signed by the Governor last week was a provision (Section 1795.1 E) for an additional $10 surcharge to the surcharge already collected for the Unified Judiciary System and the Judicial Computer System Augmentation Account (42 Pa CSA 3733 , and 3733.1) most commonly known as the “Access to Justice Fee.”  The statute provides for the additional $10.00 fee to take immediate effect.

This appears to have taken many by surprise and there is no consistent position amongst the recorders on how this fee will be handled.  At this time, we understand that the Recorders of Bucks County and Dauphin counties are implementing an additional $10 fee today.  As your trusted PA Title Insurance provider we wanted to make sure you were equipped with this info as the nominal increase will upset some of the already recently run good faith estimates.  The majority of the county recorders in Pennsylvania over the next week or two will be imposing this additional fee.

This statute also provides for an additional $2.00 increase which will be effective as of August 8, 2014.  We are not sure if any recorders are going to begin to charge that fee before that date, but again,  wanted to make you aware of the potential increase in fees later this summer.  The Montgomery County recorder has indicated that there will be a combined fee increase of $12.00  beginning on August 8, 2014.  Our PA Title Insurance company will be adding the line item to all good faith quotes as well as preliminary settlement statements.

If we learn anything additional, we will let you know or feel free to contact our PA Title Insurance professionals at 215-245-5650.


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