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World Wide Land Transfer stands on the principle of making our current and future clients more efficient.  Our approach to the title insurance industry is all about eliminating keystrokes in an innovative and proactive manner.  We focus on creating efficiencies to help our clients achieve more, in less time and at less cost. Our expertise is the ability to understand how to integrate our API with any of our client’s production systems. The forward-thinking, tech-oriented leadership team at World Wide Land Transfer understands the impact and benefits of digitally connecting to collaborate and automate a lender’s business processes.  The proprietary processes developed by World Wide Land Transfer have aided our clients with paper files, manual processing, and other sources of friction in the origination and servicing of mortgage loans. Moreover, our integrations have assisted lending operations with true impacts on their respective P&L’s due to some of the cost saving measures that are part and parcel with moving to an automated production system.

The purpose of the World Wide Land Transfer Lender API is to provide a seamless and efficient way to communicate and coordinate Title and Closing services with lenders. The API is used from initial order placement through Commitment, Settlement, Funding, Recording and Final Title Policy. Using this universal MISMO-based API, World Wide Land Transfer is able to communicate with lenders, internal title production teams, and document management systems.

How It Works

MISMO standard events are posted to webhook endpoint URLs in XML format. When a lender places an order with World Wide Land Transfer it is posted to the webhook URL specifically set up for them. The event XML contains all of the information needed for the order. The accept order event is then posted back to the lender’s webhook URL to verify that the order has been received and accepted. As the transaction goes from one stage to the next all communication, whether it be status updates or requests for information is handled using the API events in a like manner. Depending on the LOS system being utilized the goal is to create as much automation as possible with less human interaction throughout the entire loan lifecycle.  This leads to a more time-efficient, smooth closing process. 

World Wide Land Transfer has facilitated integrations with lenders on platforms such as Keystone B2B, Xpanse, RealEC and Encompass.  

Please contact us to have an onboarding call with our engineering team.  Creating efficiencies is what we take pride in.  Help us help you take your operation to the next level!


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