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Taking risks is a part of life, but you don’t have to risk the investment you have made in owning real estate due to title defects. Just like homeowner’s insurance protects you from the costs of making physical repairs to your property in Arlington, TX, title insurance offers protection from liens, forgery in the title chain, and a range of other title defects. While your lender’s title company will conduct a thorough title search when issuing your loan, these searches can’t always catch everything. Some liens can’t be discovered this way. Fraud and forgery can be difficult to identify. An heir to your property could come forward at any time with a competing claim of ownership. In any of these situations, title coverage offers the assurance that you won’t be saddled with excessive expenses related to resolving title defects.

If you want to learn more about title insurance in Mansfield, TX or other Lonestar State communities like Arlington, TX, get in touch with World Wide Land Transfer today. You can trust our team of experienced title agents to inform you about title coverage and make recommendations for affordable title coverage that will meet your needs.

Providing Top Escrow Services in Arlington, TX

If you are a real estate agent or you are buying or selling a home, WWLT can offer you escrow services as well. Whenever you need funds, documents, and keys held by a third party during a real estate transaction, trust is so important. Those materials must be held until closing is completed and then disbursed according to the terms of your settlement agreement. You don’t want any holdups on closing day, which is why you need to work with a company that has experience. At WWLT, we have facilitated countless real estate transactions, so you can trust us to closely abide by the terms of your settlement agreement and transfer any escrowed materials at the right time.

Tips for First-Time Title Insurance Buyers

title insurance arlington tx

If you have never purchased title insurance in Arlington, TX before, the best tip we can give you is to get the process started as soon as possible. While you can purchase a policy at any time, it’s always better to ensure you will have protection from closing day forward. If you speak to a title agent before your settlement date, you can be certain your policy will be active from day one.

You should also know that a lender’s title policy is not the same as an owner’s title policy. You may have paid for your lender’s policy as part of your closing, but this will not offer you any protection as the property owner. You could still be responsible for paying liens or you could have your ownership rights threatened by a competing claim of ownership. It could cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees to resolve issues like this, but with the right title coverage, you can have the assurance that your real estate investment and your bank account will have the protection they need.

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Don’t wait to get covered; our agents are waiting to hear from you! Call us today if you need title insurance and escrow services in Fort Worth, TX or in other Texas communities like Arlington, TX.

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