Title Insurance Company in Dallas, TX


If you are dreaming of property ownership in Dallas, TX, you need title insurance! Whether you are aware of it or not, home ownership exposes you to legal liability resulting from title defects. Anyone holding a lien on the property could have a right to collect money from you, and if someone else makes a competing claim of ownership, you will have to pay to defend against it. A title policy can fully or partially cover the expenses associated with resolving title defects, so it’s a good way to protect the investment you have made. The affordable, one-time premium you pay on closing day could potentially save you thousands in the future, so don’t wait to get coverage; call World Wide Land Transfer today.

Get in touch with us if you are looking for title insurance companies in Fort Worth, TX, or anywhere else in the Lonestar State.

Our Escrow Services in Dallas, TX

In addition to being an experienced title insurance company serving Dallas, TX, we also provide escrow services to facilitate your next real estate transaction. Any time you need money to be held in escrow by a third party, you want the assurance that they are fully licensed and can be trusted to handle it responsibly. At World Wide Land Transfer, we take that responsibility seriously. Our team will ensure that all payments are made promptly when the terms of the escrow agreement are satisfied and that all parties involved are happy with the way the transaction was conducted.

Why Should You Partner with World Wide Land Transfer?

Are you a lender who needs a reliable title company in the Dallas, TX area? Partner with World Wide Land Transfer to protect your interest in the financing you provide. Not only have we been trusted by lenders, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents for nearly 20 years, but we also provide title coverage for lenders offering financing at an affordable premium. We know that you generally pass the cost of your lender’s title policy on to the borrower, but you can improve customer satisfaction by finding the title company offering a fair premium.

Risks & Issues Commercial Title Insurance Covers:


A commercial title policy will cover all the same title defects as standard owner’s coverage. These include:

  • Liens that did not show up in the title search
  • Unpaid property taxes
  • Fraud and forgery in the title chain
  • Incorrectly filed public documents
  • Any competing claim of ownership, like that which would arise from a previously unknown heir to the property

You can also purchase additional endorsements that will cover specific situations like property line disputes, access issues, and mineral rights issues that can happen with commercial properties. Getting covered will give you the assurance that comes from knowing you are ready for any title defect that might come up, all for a one-time premium.

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title insurance companies in dallas txNow is the time to start thinking about reducing your financial liability from potential title defects on your property. Whether you are buying an existing home, building a new home, or you want to cover your current home, World Wide Land Transfer can help you find title insurance in Arlington, TX and other communities including Dallas, TX.

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