Possibly sadly for some, after many years of constantly outdoing ourselves with killer costumes and ghoulish merriment, we have decided that we need a year off from dressing up in favor of an attempt at upping our entertainment game! And trust us, we have upped our entertainment game!  Stand by for that!

But we still love Halloween!!! 

Welcome to the World Wide Land Transfer Halloween Retrospective 2019. Our favorite pictures from the last several years — and there have been some great ones. As you can see, when we do something here at WWLT, we go all the way. It’s true of our service, and it’s true when we’re putting on blood makeup.



And remember — if you want to ensure no title defects come back from the dead to haunt your transaction and if you need a superhero agent to fight off Captain Complication, the enemy of every loan officer, real estate agent, buyer and seller, you call WWLT — KAPOW


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