Oct 2019
title insurance cannabis companies
Bill Allowing Cannabis Companies to Access Banking, Title Insurance Reaches Senate

The Safe Banking Act (HR 1595), the first standalone marijuana bill to reach the House floor, passed by a vote of 321-103 and ...

Sep 2019
NY LLC Disclosure Requirements
Cuomo Signs Additional NY LLC Disclosure Requirements into Law, Effective Today

As a result of new legislation amending §1409 of the Tax Law and §11-2105 of the Administrative Code of the City of New ...

Sep 2019
Philadelphia Transfer Tax Calculation
Update to Philadelphia Transfer Tax Calculation

Responding with due haste to our blog the other day about how to determine Philadelphia realty transfer tax when the sales price is ...

Sep 2019
Philadelphia Realty Transfer Tax
Determining Philadelphia Realty Transfer Tax When Sales Price is Below The Assessed Fair Market Value

How does one value property for the purposes of determining realty transfer tax in Philadelphia when consideration for the property is nominal or ...

Jul 2019
property theft
Philly Property Theft, Real Estate Fraud Runs Rampant

Real estate investor Orin Clybourn had amassed a small fortune with a string of real estate transactions that followed the same formula: Longtime ...

Jun 2019
Florida Remote Online Notary Law
Florida Remote Online Notary Law Passes, Effective January 1

Florida has joined twenty other states in authorizing the use of remote online notarization (RON). The bill, which was a key initiative of ...

May 2019
philadelphia closings
Some Philadelphia Closings Delayed; Virus Shuts Down Office of Judicial Records

Websites and computer programs associated with the City of Philadelphia’s First District court system have been infiltrated by a virus. As a result, ...

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