Jul 2021
AMENDMENT TO TAX LAW SECTION 1404(A) Regarding Calculation of New York State Transfer Taxes (Grossing Up)

The Good News is that as of July 1, 2021, New York State Transfer Taxes and the Mansion Taxes are no longer grossed ...

Jul 2016
Realty Transfer Tax in Philadelphia Going Up

The Philadelphia Realty Transfer Tax is levied on the sale or transfer of Real Estate located in Philadelphia. The tax also applies to ...

Oct 2015
Reverse Mortgage
Reverse Mortgages In New York

Several years ago, the phrase “reverse mortgage” conjured for many people scary images of naive, elderly property owners robbed of their homes by ruthless, ...

Dec 2014
Borough of State College Transfer Tax Update

Purchasing or selling a home in State College, PA just got a bit pricier.  The Borough of State College, County of Centre starting ...

Jul 2014
Pennsylvania Recording Fees

Recent Act passed in Harrisburg will increase the recording fees across the state.   Within the budget law Act 126 (HB 278) signed by ...

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