Jan 2016
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in Real Estate

Back in March of 2014 we published a blog on BitCoin and the possible impact on real estate transactions. Although, the cryptocurrency has not ...

Jun 2015
Lawsuit: ‘Bring me young blood,’ stalker told Westfield home buyers

The following article was published in on June 19th and we thought it was interesting enough to share. One thing is certain, we ...

Jan 2014
Cuomo v. NY Title Insurance

Just this week Gov. Cuomo has released a new budget plan which provides for major cut backs to the NY title insurance rates. ...

May 2011
A Shift in Risk Retention or a Further Shift Down for Real Estate?

Anyone have any thoughts on the 20% down payment rule?  Are things not bad enough?  Historically low interest rates and a 30% cut ...

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