Feb 2018
Cryptocurrency and Meeting the “Good Funds Rule”

A underwriter bulletin released yesterday by First American Title Insurance Company provided further clearance on how title underwriting guidelines will view real estate ...

Dec 2017
Fraud caught during a Title Examination

You buy a car. You buy auto insurance. Then when you accidentally back into that fire hydrant (because you couldn’t see it in ...

Oct 2017
Marital Signature Requirements Updated

Updating Prior Blog Regarding Marital Signature Requirements This post is updating a post from February of 2012. We constantly get questions on whether or not ...

Oct 2016
Insurability Versus Marketability

Insurability Versus Marketability: What’s the Difference? It’s a question we regularly receive: how is a property’s insurability different from its marketability? These two terms, ...

Oct 2016
1031 Exchange
1031 Exchange

What is a 1031 Exchange? This is a follow up blog on our recent CLE class provided in New York last week. In a standard ...

Jul 2014
PA Title Insurance Rating Bureau Changes

The Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania ("TIRBOP") submitted to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department two (2) revised endorsements, Nine (9) new endorsements, and ...

Feb 2014
Are Sheriff Sale Properties For You?

It’s 1:00 a.m. and hubby is snoring so I’m downstairs watching infomercials.  “BUY FORECLOSURE PROPERTIES!!!!  BUY TAX SALE PROPERTIES!!!! PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!!!!  ...

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