Jun 2021
Pennsylvania Common Level Ratio 2021 Factors

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has released their preliminary Realy Transfer Tax 2021 Common Level Ratio Real Estate Valuation Factors.  Please see the ...

Apr 2020
Update on Remote Notarization (RON & RIN) from the PLTA

SB841 of the 2019-2020 Session was signed today by Governor Wolf.  Among other things, it temporarily permits PA notarial officers to conduct Remote Online ...

Apr 2020
The Effects of COVID – 19 are Making Title Agent’s Core Services Challenging

With the current low interest rates, millions of people are buying property and refinancing mortgage loans. However, with a large percentage of land ...

Feb 2020
Governor Cuomo Takes Action to Equalize Protections for Homeowners with Reverse Mortgages

"Under current law, consumer protections available to homeowners are not provided to homeowners with a reverse mortgage,” a spokesperson for the governor said ...

Feb 2020
Philadelphia Property Assessment Audit Reveals Major Issues Confirming Consumer Outrage

An audit of the City of Philadelphia’s property assessments was recently released, and the conclusions are not pretty. The findings indicate that the ...

Feb 2020
Pennsylvania Title Insurance Endorsement Prices Going Up

Pennsylvania Underwriting Bulletin concerning Rate Increases in Title Insurance Endorsements Affecting PA Title Insurance The major title insurance underwriters in the United States, the ...

Jan 2020
Philadelphia Water Debt
Hallelujah! City Releases Guide for Searching Philadelphia Water Debt

Major relief has arrived for Pennsylvania Title Insurance agencies trying to obtain past due and lienable water balances in Philadelphia. Check out the complete ...

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