Oct 2017
Marital Signature Requirements Updated

Updating Prior Blog Regarding Marital Signature Requirements This post is updating a post from February of 2012. We constantly get questions on whether or not ...

Sep 2017
FinCEN: Additional Reporting Requirements for Wire Purchases in NY, Elsewhere

In its effort to combat money laundering in luxury residential real estate purchases, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has announced a new Geographic ...

Jul 2017
3 clichés to prevent wire fraud in real estate

Our initial blog warning all of our clientele of wire fraudsters was very well received. Hence, we are following it up with even ...

Apr 2017
Why Loan Officers Should Attend the Closing

It has become abundantly clear during our 13 years as a PA title company that one of the most important things a lender ...

Jan 2017
Landlords Get Relief From PGW Debt of Dead Beat Tenants

A Federal judge’s ruling regarding Philadelphia Gas Works’ (PGW) method of collecting delinquent accounts on rental properties is a resounding “win” for landlords, ...

May 2014
Pennsylvania Same Sex Marriage

The following is the most recent underwriter directive issued by Old Republic National Title Insurance Company on Same Sex Marriage and the ramifications ...

Mar 2014
Bitcoins To Purchase Real Estate?

Lately there has been tremendous talk about the advancement of Bitcoin as a viable currency which may be possibly even used to purchase ...

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