Feb 2014
Are Sheriff Sale Properties For You?

It’s 1:00 a.m. and hubby is snoring so I’m downstairs watching infomercials.  “BUY FORECLOSURE PROPERTIES!!!!  BUY TAX SALE PROPERTIES!!!! PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!!!!  ...

Feb 2014
Your Front Door is Talking. You Might Want to Listen.

I take a hiatus from Title Insurance talk for the day.  A little fun if you will. Unless you have a moat surrounding your ...

Feb 2014
Winter Storms, Trees, Neighbors and Houses

Winter Storm "Quintus" is on the way and we’re not yet through digging out from winter storm "Pax".  Snow, ice, sleet, hail.  As ...

Feb 2014
Falling Out of Love with your Home?

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone and I spent part of it simply remembering when I first fell in love with my ...

Feb 2014
Who Signs When the Seller is Deceased?

Many times we are asked to insure a home purchase where the seller of the property is deceased.  Your Agreement of Sale may ...

Feb 2014
Title Insurance: Sunshine for possible Clouds on Title

Congratulations!  You've signed the Agreement to purchase your dream home.  Now you, your realtor or attorney will contact us, the Title Insurance Company, ...

Oct 2013
Enhanced Title Insurance Policy- Do you need?

In general, an enhanced title insurance policy is protection after the honeymoon with a basic title insurance policy is over. Basic title insurance policies ...

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