Jul 2015
Land Survey
What is a Survey?

Among the many documents required during a residential or commercial purchase, the property survey is one of the most important. Drawn after his ...

Jan 2015
Title Insurance Involving a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

We often get questioned on what it takes to further insure a Deed in Lieu of foreclosure (DIL).  A recent bulletin received from ...

Jan 2015
FHA Prohibition on Property Flipping reinstated on and after 1/1/15

A recent Fidelity National Title Insurance bulletin has brought to our attention regulations in regards to the "Anti Flipping" provisions passed by HUD.  ...

Aug 2014
PA Civil Procedure New Rule Changing Insurability issues with Sheriff Deeds

Issuing PA Title Insurance via a sheriff's deed has always been challenging.  However, one of the largest issues has been dealt with via ...

May 2014
Pennsylvania Same Sex Marriage

The following is the most recent underwriter directive issued by Old Republic National Title Insurance Company on Same Sex Marriage and the ramifications ...

Mar 2014
Mortgages Life Estates and Title Insurance

So you want to make sure that your kids get the house after you’re gone, but you’re still living there.  One of the ...

Mar 2014
Bitcoins To Purchase Real Estate?

Lately there has been tremendous talk about the advancement of Bitcoin as a viable currency which may be possibly even used to purchase ...

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