Feb 2014
Do Bankruptcies Wipe Out Judgments?

We were asked to insure a refinance transaction not too long ago.  Our title search picked up a judgment against the borrower.  When ...

Feb 2014
Winter Storms, Trees, Neighbors and Houses

Winter Storm "Quintus" is on the way and we’re not yet through digging out from winter storm "Pax".  Snow, ice, sleet, hail.  As ...

Feb 2014
New Condominiums and Possible Mechanic’s Liens

There is no hiding the fact that New Jersey had a slow recovery from the recession when it comes to condo sales when ...

Aug 2011
Buyer’s Checklist for Settlement

Typically, at a settlement the buyer, seller, realtors, sometimes the loan officer and any counsel that may be involved meet at the offices ...

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