Jan 2014
New Marijuana Laws in Colorado and Washington Create Special Title Risks

We have become aware via Stewart Title Insurance underwriting alerts that with the new laws of Colorado and Washington State which legalized the retail ...

Dec 2013
Finding The Right Realtor?

What kind of qualities should your real estate agent have? This is a simple question but the answer can be quite subjective if ...

Nov 2013
Ability to Repay Provisions of Dodd-Frank

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has issued a rule implementing the "Ability To Repay" (ATR) provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform ...

May 2012
Alert- Virginia Recordation Tax on Refinances Changing

When ordering Virginia Title Insurance for a Virginia refinance please take note of changes coming to the recordation tax that the State charges. ...

May 2012
Pennsylvania Title Insurance Rate Changes

  Pennsylvania Title Insurance Rates have been updated by TIRBOP. The old PA Title Insurance Rate Manual is as good as history. All of the ...

Apr 2012
Providing Title Insurance after a “no consideration” deed

In this post we will discuss a type of quit claim deed the “no consideration” deed. There is cause for concern whenever such ...

Mar 2012
CFPB on Multiple GFE’s and Changes of Circumstance

Recently the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau submitted comments in regards to the issuance of needless GFE's. Supposedly pursuant to the 2008 RESPA rule ...

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