Feb 2012
Marital Signature Requirements

  *** This post was recently updated in 2017 and can be obtained here. ******* We constantly get questions on whether or not a non ...

Feb 2012
Lines of Credit and Title Company Protocol

Several bankers, realtors and consumers continue to wonder why it is vital that the title insurance company is insistent on making sure a ...

Feb 2012
New Jersey Title Insurers and Riparian Rights

  Before touching on the current status of Riparian Rights and its recent effect on Title Insurer's, lets define such.   Under the riparian ...

Feb 2012
Mechanic’s Lien Refresher

Anytime you are purchasing new construction or a newly rehabbed home or representing someone that is doing such, mechanic's lien coverage should be ...

Feb 2012
Home Owners Insurance – Facts you probably didn’t know

An Owner's Title Insurance Policy is purchased one time, often at the subject properties initial settlement and is good forever.  The title insurance ...

Jan 2012
Philadelphia Recorder of Deeds Increases Fee Structure

Joan Decker the Recording Commissioner in Philadelphia recently announced a fee increase across the board for recordation in Philadelphia. Any deed or mortgage being ...

Jan 2012
Title Insurance in Florida- Who Pays?

  Over the last few weeks we have received isolated questions on who should pay the title insurance in Florida. It is no secret ...

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