Feb 2019
NY title insurance companies
News Flash – Lower Rates…But Unfortunately No Fun!!!

Our service hasn’t changed. Our staff hasn’t changed. World Wide Land Transfer is still one of the top NY title insurance companies. But ...

Feb 2019
Pennsylvania Title Agents
Deadline for Pennsylvania Title Agents to Submit Proof of PGW Liens

The City of Philadelphia’s appeal in the ongoing Federal Court litigation concerning the constitutional validity of PGW liens related to tenant accounts was ...

Jan 2019
cyber insurance
ALTA: Less than 60 Percent of Title Companies have Cyber Insurance

We’ve written before about the startling rise of wire fraud in real estate transactions. The FBI reported a 1,100 percent increase in these ...

Jan 2019
Marketable Record Title Act
Amendments to Marketable Record Title Act in Michigan effective March 29, 2019

On December 28, 2018, the Governor of Michigan signed in to law Public Act 572 of 2018, which repeals parts of the Marketable ...

Oct 2018
Maryland UW Bulletin re: Corporate Deeds of Conveyance, Articles of Transfer Sale

Since the 1950s Maryland corporations have been required to file Articles of Transfer with the State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) when ...

Jul 2018
WWLT’s Summer Tech Tip Tuesday: Virtual Reality and Real Estate

Today’s Fact:   Goldman Sachs pegs the total addressable market for VR/AR software revenues to be $2.6 billion by 2025. Imagine walking into the home ...

Jul 2018
WWLT’s Tech Tip Tuesday: What’s the Deal with Drones?

Today's Fact: 26% of drones in the U.S. are used for real estate; real estate is second among all industries in terms of drone ...

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