Jul 2023
Most Common Title Defects Undiscovered Wills or Missing Heirs
Most Common Title Defects: Undiscovered Wills or Missing Heirs

An estimated two-thirds of Americans pass away without leaving a will, and that fact could have serious ramifications for those who have inherited ...

Nov 2022
FinCEN’s Geographic Targeting Orders: What You Need to Know
FinCEN’s Geographic Targeting Orders: What You Need to Know

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued a 6-month renewal of their Geographic Targeting Order (GTO) on April 29th, 2022 that required title ...

May 2019
mansion tax
Unintended Consequences of the NY Transfer & Mansion Tax Increases

If there’s one thing salespeople love, it’s a sense of urgency. Agents and brokers in New York got one courtesy of the new ...

Mar 2019
“Corporate Transparency Act” would Replace FinCEN GTOs for LLC Real Estate Purchasers

Beginning November 17, 2018, the Treasury Department required title insurance companies to disclose the identity of LLC purchasers spending $300,000 or more on ...

Jan 2019
Dispelling Myths about Purchasing Property in Mexico & Central America

If you’ve ever lounged on a beach in Mexico or Central America, chances are the following thoughts have crossed your mind. I should get ...

Nov 2018
Costly misconceptions about the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit

The Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit is a income tax credit that is available for the rehabilitation of historic, income-producing buildings that are determined ...

Oct 2018
Maryland UW Bulletin re: Corporate Deeds of Conveyance, Articles of Transfer Sale

Since the 1950s Maryland corporations have been required to file Articles of Transfer with the State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) when ...

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