Dec 2011
New HUD1 Form Coming- by CFPB, Provide Feedback asap!

To all those banks, mortgage companies and realtors you don't have much more time to provide crucial feedback or your thoughts on the ...

Dec 2011
Getting Escrow Funds Released From Settlement

Yesterday on the following article appeared and figured it would be wise to add a few points to it. Getting Escrow Funds Released ...

Dec 2011
Shop for Title Services!

Just read the following article on Fox News and we couldn't agree more.  We always preach to make sure you shop for the ...

Nov 2011
FHA in trouble and increasing loan limits?

Over the last few days we have seen reports of how troubled and undercapitalized the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is.  Some even believe ...

Oct 2011
How Do I Choose a Title Company?

How Do I Choose A Title Company? Most consumers don’t even realize what Title Insurance really is. Many consumers don’t know they even ...

Aug 2011
Hurricane Irene Delays Real Estate Transactions

Hurricane Irene created massive flooding throughout the east coast, property damage across several states and power outages to many.  But wait Ms. Irene ...

Aug 2011
Buyer’s Checklist for Settlement

Typically, at a settlement the buyer, seller, realtors, sometimes the loan officer and any counsel that may be involved meet at the offices ...

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