Feb 2014
Your Front Door is Talking. You Might Want to Listen.

I take a hiatus from Title Insurance talk for the day.  A little fun if you will. Unless you have a moat surrounding your ...

Feb 2014
Winter Storms, Trees, Neighbors and Houses

Winter Storm "Quintus" is on the way and we’re not yet through digging out from winter storm "Pax".  Snow, ice, sleet, hail.  As ...

Feb 2014
New Condominiums and Possible Mechanic’s Liens

There is no hiding the fact that New Jersey had a slow recovery from the recession when it comes to condo sales when ...

Feb 2014
PA Property Tax Law

Update from earlier post.  Act 93 of 2014 was enacted on November 27, 2013 and became law on January 26, 2014. The Act states ...

Nov 2013
CFPB Releases Final Regulation

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) finally released its final rule on the replacement of the current consumer disclosure forms required under RESPA ...

May 2012
Pennsylvania Title Insurance Rate Changes

  Pennsylvania Title Insurance Rates have been updated by TIRBOP. The old PA Title Insurance Rate Manual is as good as history. All of the ...

Apr 2012
Providing Title Insurance after a “no consideration” deed

In this post we will discuss a type of quit claim deed the “no consideration” deed. There is cause for concern whenever such ...

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