Mar 2016
Chattel or Fixture
What’s the Difference between a Fixture and a Chattel?

As the Latin phrase goes: quicquid plantur solo, solo credit. That means that what is fixed to the land becomes part of the ...

Mar 2016
Statute of Frauds for Real Estate Transactions in NY: The Basics

Is a buyer obligated to honor a real estate agreement even if they don’t sign a contract? Usually not, however there are exceptions. ...

Mar 2016
Rates Going Up
PA Title Insurance Rates Going Up

Effective May 1st 2016 the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania (TIRBOP) will institute a new title insurance rate manual for the Commonwealth ...

Feb 2016
NY Transfer Tax
New York Transfer Tax—Simplified

As a NY Title Insurance company, we often receive inquiries regarding the transfers of ownership for properties in New York. Though we do ...

Jan 2016
Dirty Money
Treasury Department Targets NYC Luxury Apartment Buyers in Hunt for “Dirty Money.”

It’s no secret that New York City is home to thousands of high-end luxury apartments. Many films and television shows are set in ...

Jan 2016
Digital Recording
New York Expands eRecording to Two New Counties

New York Expands eRecording to Two New Counties We are happy to report that both Broome and Monroe are the latest New York counties ...

Jan 2016
Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act Amended

This blog is being written based off of a recent amendment (26 U.S.C. §1445, as amended by P.L. 114-113) to the Act regulating ...

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