Jan 2016
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in Real Estate

Back in March of 2014 we published a blog on BitCoin and the possible impact on real estate transactions. Although, the cryptocurrency has not ...

Oct 2015
Reverse Mortgage
Reverse Mortgages In New York

Several years ago, the phrase “reverse mortgage” conjured for many people scary images of naive, elderly property owners robbed of their homes by ruthless, ...

Jul 2015
Top 5 Things a Real Estate Agent Should Know About TRID

1- The new Closing Disclosure or CD will be used for most loan applications taken for new mortgages after October 3rd, 2015. The ...

Jul 2015
Land Survey
What is a Survey?

Among the many documents required during a residential or commercial purchase, the property survey is one of the most important. Drawn after his ...

Jun 2015
Lawsuit: ‘Bring me young blood,’ stalker told Westfield home buyers

The following article was published in on June 19th and we thought it was interesting enough to share. One thing is certain, we ...

Apr 2015
Ancient Mortgage
Ancient Mortgages and Title Insurance

There is not a week that goes by that we do not have a client that wants us to omit an old mortgage that was ...

Apr 2015
Transfer Title Outside Court Administration

Dealing with deeds from heirs with PA Title Insurance in mind... Intestate heirs can convey property without opening an estate and having an administration ...

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