Jan 2017
Landlords Get Relief From PGW Debt of Dead Beat Tenants

A Federal judge’s ruling regarding Philadelphia Gas Works’ (PGW) method of collecting delinquent accounts on rental properties is a resounding “win” for landlords, ...

Oct 2016
Insurability Versus Marketability

Insurability Versus Marketability: What’s the Difference? It’s a question we regularly receive: how is a property’s insurability different from its marketability? These two terms, ...

Jul 2016
Montgomery County Maryland Transfer Tax Increase

Montgomery County Council in May unanimously approved increases in the recordation tax that will result in homebuyers and sellers having to pay more when ...

Jul 2016
Realty Transfer Tax in Philadelphia Going Up

The Philadelphia Realty Transfer Tax is levied on the sale or transfer of Real Estate located in Philadelphia. The tax also applies to ...

Jul 2016
Text Messages Add New Layer of Risk to Modern-Day Real Estate Transactions

As we discussed in a recent blog on the Statute of Frauds, buyers are usually not obligated to honor real estate agreements so ...

May 2016
Philadelphia Gas Works a Municipal Lien on Rental Properties?

City owned utility companies have long considered their delinquencies as municipal liens having priority as of the date the service was provided.  On ...

Apr 2016
Title Defect
Title Defects & Title Encumbrances: How do they Affect a Title?

Today we’ll discuss title defects and title encumbrances and explain how they affect a title to real property. One of the first steps ...

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