Mar 2015
Delaware Title Insurance Rates Up 18% in March

Delaware Title Insurance rates have been increased as of  this month, March, 2015.  Any transactions currently set to close will be faced with ...

Feb 2015
Presidents and Title Insurance

In honor of Presidents Day, we ask if you know what George Washington's first job was? In July 1749, at 17 years of age and ...

Jan 2015
The Validity and Expiration of UCC’s in New York

In New York, we receive a lot of questions from Lenders as well as Bank Attorneys concerning the validity and expiration of a ...

Jan 2015
Baltimore Tenant Right of First Refusal

The requirements we follow when insuring title to multifamily properties or single family rental properties changes not only from state to state by also county ...

Jan 2015
Title Insurance Involving a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

We often get questioned on what it takes to further insure a Deed in Lieu of foreclosure (DIL).  A recent bulletin received from ...

Jan 2015
FHA Prohibition on Property Flipping reinstated on and after 1/1/15

A recent Fidelity National Title Insurance bulletin has brought to our attention regulations in regards to the "Anti Flipping" provisions passed by HUD.  ...

Jan 2015
Nassau County Department of Assessment Certification Page

Please be advised that Nassau County legislature passed a Local Law amending the Nassau County Administrative Code.  The law requires that all persons ...

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